Sources of Scholarships for International Students in the U.S.

If finding scholarships at any university or college in the U.S. can be alarming if you are an American student, how much more would it be if you are living on the other side of the world? You need not to worry anymore and do not lose hope. Nowadays, there are some excellent resources of sources of scholarships for international students like you if you really intend to study in this country. These grants are specifically designed for students whose heart are set on studying in one of the universities or colleges in the country.

First and foremost, you should start your search for sources of scholarships for international students with the International Student Exchange & Study Abroad Resource Center at its website at The site offers information on financing your college education as well as advice on choosing the right American school. It offers information on how to estimate or calculate the money that you will be spending for your stay in certain area of the country. It also provides you an idea on what different states like and their application process.

Just any other college or undergraduate students, you would probably need to finance your college education through various sources of scholarships for international students. Among these sources are listed below:

  1. Your home country. American universities or colleges often advise their students to look closer to their homeland than the other countries. This concept is applicable to international students too. Your home country can be a great source of financial aid or college grant for your international studies. However, it has been recommended that you should be cautious and thorough in when you conduct research through this option. You should have in-depth understanding of all the agreements and arrangements covered by the grant. In fact, some of these opportunities require international students to go back to their respective home country after their graduation day.
  2. Scholarship websites. There are many websites out there containing information on different scholarships available for international students who would wish to study in American universities or colleges. Notable scholarship websites are and International Financial Aid and College Search site. Both websites provide fundamental search free of charge. They help determine prospective scholarship opportunities across the globe, including those offered for studies in the country. It notes that many of the scholarship criteria are linked to a certain area of learning, which you may choose from the list to further your scholarship program search.
  3. U.S. universities. There is more financial assistance for graduate study than work for undergraduates in the country. However, there are some schools here making fellowship or merit grants available for international students.

Other than these sources, you may also consider your place of employment, family and international organizations as sources of scholarships for international students before turning yourself to obtain student loans. Private international student loans are also offered to international students for their college education funding.