Best Scholarships

A scholarship is a grant, in the form of money, awarded to a student as a financial aid to his/or her college education. Unlike academic loans, scholarships do not have to be repaid by the recipient. With the issue of increasing education cost, there are now free financial aid and scholarship schemes being offered by several sponsors to meet this continuing problem of the college students.

Below are among the types of fellowships and study grants from different sources:

  1. Fulbright Scholarships

This scholarship program was introduced by former Senator J. William Fulbright in 1946. It aims to improve understanding between the U.S. and the other nations across the globe through student exchange programs. It collaborates with the participating countries through the formation of bi national commissions. It funds research of students, professionals, and scholars.

  1. Average Students Scholarship

This scholarship does not search for any merit or grade points in academics. This requires students to excel in the fields or skills or situations other than any academic studies such as artistic prowess, athletic skills, employment, religious affiliation, and minority groups. This will finance the education of students without resorting to educational loans.

  1. Full Academic Scholarship

This scholarship award is specifically designed for students who excelled academically. It is highly based on the academic performance and talent of the students. It carries a great level of recognition and prestige apart from its cash aspect. It covers the full tuition fees, stipend, and incidental expenses for the course completion. It also adds to the value to students’ skills and knowledge and help students avail future scholarships for advance studies.

  1. Odd or Unusual Scholarships

These college scholarships are given based on the unique/odd characteristics of students and their distinct talents. They may be available for left handed students, blind students, overweight students, and asthma patients. Their pay outs offered by these grants are very appealing that makes it worth applying for.

  1. Scholarship for Overseas Students

This scholarship provides benefits and backing to international students or foreign nationals. It is offered to fund studies in various fields such as in renewable energy, science and technology, business management, and public relations.

  1. Service Scholarship

Service scholarship is awarded to students who are involved in community service and those with helping attitudes. Service is the primary focus of this scholarship rather than being an aspect of this study scheme. It merely merits the service performed by the students as well as their volunteering activities. The fund for this scholarship may come from organizations and companies, which acknowledge and recognize students or the people serving them.

  1. Scholarship for Students Below 13 Years Old

This scholarship is offered based on the interests, education, activities, research, games, specific fascinating topics such as in community service, environmental activities, solutions to societal issues from science and technology, volunteerism, mathematics, and literature.

  1. Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships

These are well recognized reward programs that offer financial incentives to eligible students or recipients. The rewards being awarded are in the form of project allotment, financial grants, international recognitions, education and research sponsorships, and cash rewards.